Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby Items

I have a baby.

One problem I've had recently is securing her while changing her diaper. The basic idea to help this is to make some sort of harness that would secure the baby's legs and/or arms during changing. A search on Google Patents yields the following result. I think an elevated device to secure the legs might come in handy.

A refrigerated food dispenser that is simple enough to be operated by a baby would enable baby's to feed themselves on their own schedules, without parental help. This would be similar to the water dispensers used for gerbils. The device would have to avoid mess by limiting the despense, and prevent spoiling of liquids by refrigeration.

Touch Type

Why do standard keyboards only have 2 keys that give any indication of what they are via touch? Keys F and J have little bumps that indicate to the user the key that their finger is touching.

Why not have different types of bumps for different keys? In the same way that blind people learn to read braille, the typist will, over time, learn to quickly recognize the textures and identify them with different keys.

This would enable touch-typing even when disoriented or with one hand.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Split Chair.

Sometimes a table's legs get in the way of sitting comfortably at the table. The leg of the table keeps the chair and you at a distance from the table.

A simple solution is to have a chair with a split down the middle big enough to fit the leg of the table in it.