Monday, September 8, 2008

Corporate vs. Gov't Services.

Many government services are being replaced by private corporations. For example, security firms, private schools, and insurance companies are taking over where the government leaves off.

In the future, the domain of private corporations will expand, as the scale and power of those corporations increase. The gov't services will be minimized.

Public Participation In Gov't Decision Making

Why do we have reprisentatives in government?

In the old days, it was impractical to ask every citizen what they thought about the issue. However, modern technology renders this reason void.

The assumption is that the reprisentative knows better than you. Howver, many citizens are well informed about the issues at hand. Much more so than in the "old days"

I suggest that citizens be given a greater part in government decision making, in correlation with the ease of communication, and greater knowledge of citizens.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ecomomic Efficiency And Size

Businesses make money by filling inefficiencies in the market.

That's how stock traders make money, and all businesses follow the same basic path. They identify some gap between supply and demand (an inefficiency) and they bridge that gap, making the economy flow.

The greater the size of the inefficieny, the grater the prospects of the business. 

That's why small countries with small economies are at a disadvantage. Because the ecomomy is smaller, the size of the inefficiency must be greater to make a living solving it. Hence, small economies are destined to be more inefficient. That means, it's harder to do business, and the quality of life is also reduced.

The solotion for such small economies is to form solid alliances with other countries.

Government Accomodation = Encouragement.

The title pretty much says it all. Often governments wish to accomodate for situations that shouldn't be there in the first place. However, government accomodation is tantamount to support. 

For example, when a government helps flooded communities near the mississipi, they are actually supporting development there. Similarly, when it bails out banks, it's encouraging risky investement.

However, without addressing the long term "encouragement" issue, the government is doing more harm than help.