Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Systematic Palestinian / Israeli Solution

Any long term solution for the Palestinian / Israeli Problem must be systematic. In other words, the solution must be to alter the current system in a way that the natural forces at play support the solution.

The reason is simple: the strength of a basic national system is greater than the power of the government, because the government is a part of that system. If the system fights against the solution, it will prevail with time.

Hence, reliance of constant military enforcement cannot be a part of the solution. Also, economic and social systems must support the solution.

These ideas imply that a two state solution can only be short term, for the following reasons:

  1. As long as the nations are still hostile toward each other, constant military enforcement is necessary.
  2. The West Bank and Gaza are dependent on Israel for it's electricity, water, employment, transportation, and many commodities. That is a part of a system which promotes the unity and integration of the two territories.
  3. There are many Arabs in Israel, and many Israelis in the West Bank. This also is part of a cultural system which promotes integration, and thwarts separation.
  4. Many Arab and Israeli powers with public support fight for a one state solution, they only disagree on it's nature.
Any solution must either accommodate for or change the cultural, security oriented, and practical systems on the ground.

The puzzle is not how to divide the land, but how to create one stable country grounded solidly in basic existing systems.

Terrorism as a Zero Sum Game

Negotiation has no place in a zero sum game. Here is why.

The basis for real negotiations, excluding manipulation and trickery, is finding the best win-win situation. In a zero sum game, any one player's gain is the other's loss, so there can be no win-win situation.

In a friendly chess game, the scope is defined, so negotiations outside the game make sense. However, in a game with no limit to it's scope, even those topics which seem to have no direct pertinence to the fight, are non-negotiable.

Hence, any party playing a zero-sum game that initiates negotiations of any sort should be suspect.

Terrorist organizations who's sole mission is the elimination of their targets are playing a zero sum game with their targets. This definition excludes terror-supporting countries or organizations that use terrorist methods, but have other goals besides the elimination of their targets.

That is why negotiation or "talks" of any sort with terror organizations should be avoided.