Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cloud computing Privacy Solution

The problem with google style cloud computing is the lack of privacy.

A solution would involve the separation of the data hosting and ap hosting. 
The ap would be downloaded onto the personal computer, and the data would be accessed using a private key that only the user has. The ap manipulates the data, and is uploaded and encryped so that the data center can't access the data either. 

The problem is that google style content based ads won't be possible, and gmail style indexing won't be available either.

Energy, Water & Transortation Solution

Here is an idea for a combined solution to global warming, fresh water and transportation.

Instread of traveling around the planet, we should travel through it. This would be done in subterranian vacume tubes. 

The tubes must be cooled with sea water in order to prevent the tubes from melting from the subterranian heat. 

The sea water becomes stream, and powers turbines that supplye electricity. The steam is sterile and desalinated.

Random Walk & Business

Here's a speculation: Proponents of the efficient market hypothosis are bright but unsucsessful busimessmen.

They have be bright in order to understand the theory behind it. However, business suceed when there is a discrepancy between the theory and the actual. Business thrives on finding inefficiency, and taking advantage of it.

That's how the financial world makes its money as well. 

Someone who doesn't belive that there is a discrepancy between the theory and the actual must not be able to detect it well, and therefore can't do well in business.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Corporate vs. Gov't Services.

Many government services are being replaced by private corporations. For example, security firms, private schools, and insurance companies are taking over where the government leaves off.

In the future, the domain of private corporations will expand, as the scale and power of those corporations increase. The gov't services will be minimized.

Public Participation In Gov't Decision Making

Why do we have reprisentatives in government?

In the old days, it was impractical to ask every citizen what they thought about the issue. However, modern technology renders this reason void.

The assumption is that the reprisentative knows better than you. Howver, many citizens are well informed about the issues at hand. Much more so than in the "old days"

I suggest that citizens be given a greater part in government decision making, in correlation with the ease of communication, and greater knowledge of citizens.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ecomomic Efficiency And Size

Businesses make money by filling inefficiencies in the market.

That's how stock traders make money, and all businesses follow the same basic path. They identify some gap between supply and demand (an inefficiency) and they bridge that gap, making the economy flow.

The greater the size of the inefficieny, the grater the prospects of the business. 

That's why small countries with small economies are at a disadvantage. Because the ecomomy is smaller, the size of the inefficiency must be greater to make a living solving it. Hence, small economies are destined to be more inefficient. That means, it's harder to do business, and the quality of life is also reduced.

The solotion for such small economies is to form solid alliances with other countries.

Government Accomodation = Encouragement.

The title pretty much says it all. Often governments wish to accomodate for situations that shouldn't be there in the first place. However, government accomodation is tantamount to support. 

For example, when a government helps flooded communities near the mississipi, they are actually supporting development there. Similarly, when it bails out banks, it's encouraging risky investement.

However, without addressing the long term "encouragement" issue, the government is doing more harm than help.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Systematic Palestinian / Israeli Solution

Any long term solution for the Palestinian / Israeli Problem must be systematic. In other words, the solution must be to alter the current system in a way that the natural forces at play support the solution.

The reason is simple: the strength of a basic national system is greater than the power of the government, because the government is a part of that system. If the system fights against the solution, it will prevail with time.

Hence, reliance of constant military enforcement cannot be a part of the solution. Also, economic and social systems must support the solution.

These ideas imply that a two state solution can only be short term, for the following reasons:

  1. As long as the nations are still hostile toward each other, constant military enforcement is necessary.
  2. The West Bank and Gaza are dependent on Israel for it's electricity, water, employment, transportation, and many commodities. That is a part of a system which promotes the unity and integration of the two territories.
  3. There are many Arabs in Israel, and many Israelis in the West Bank. This also is part of a cultural system which promotes integration, and thwarts separation.
  4. Many Arab and Israeli powers with public support fight for a one state solution, they only disagree on it's nature.
Any solution must either accommodate for or change the cultural, security oriented, and practical systems on the ground.

The puzzle is not how to divide the land, but how to create one stable country grounded solidly in basic existing systems.

Terrorism as a Zero Sum Game

Negotiation has no place in a zero sum game. Here is why.

The basis for real negotiations, excluding manipulation and trickery, is finding the best win-win situation. In a zero sum game, any one player's gain is the other's loss, so there can be no win-win situation.

In a friendly chess game, the scope is defined, so negotiations outside the game make sense. However, in a game with no limit to it's scope, even those topics which seem to have no direct pertinence to the fight, are non-negotiable.

Hence, any party playing a zero-sum game that initiates negotiations of any sort should be suspect.

Terrorist organizations who's sole mission is the elimination of their targets are playing a zero sum game with their targets. This definition excludes terror-supporting countries or organizations that use terrorist methods, but have other goals besides the elimination of their targets.

That is why negotiation or "talks" of any sort with terror organizations should be avoided.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Value of Natural Resources vs. The Value of a Human

Advances in technology and changes in human population affect the relative value of natural resources to the value of a human.

Here are things that raise the relative value of Natural Resources:

  • An increase in population increases the demand for natural resourses.
  • An increase in population also intensifies the competition between people, bringing down the value of a person.
  • Advances in technology also intensify competition, bringing down the value of a person.
  • Advances in technology find new uses for Natural Resources, increasing demand.
Here are things that lower the relative value of Natural Resources:
  • Advances in technology make usage of resources more efficient.
  • Advances in technology creates substitutes for Natural Resources.
  • Advance in technology increases the value of someone effectively educated.
  • Advances in technology encourage cooperation, instead of competition.
It may be that effectively educated countries with abundance of Natural Resources will overturn the existing balance of wealth and power.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Social Awareness: Near and Far

Modern life has left man with a weakened sense of community and family. It has been replaced with an increase in global and national awareness.

This is in correlation with a shift in the sources of one's needs. Social, financial and other needs are not supplied by family community or even nation anymore. Those needs are met by a global network.

That means that we can expect a decrease in global violence, and an increase in family problems.

That trend would change if an awareness of the benefits that can be supplied and needs that can be met only through local community and family were matured.

Religious Progress & Development

In recent times, religion has come under fire. The problems are many. Biblical religion has a problem that many of the facts expressed, like Genesis don't match our observations. The problem with philosophy of God is that it's not experimental.

However, Mankind will never abandon it's pursuit of God. By "God" I mean the source of all. Man's natural desire for understanding of his environment naturally leads him to the doorway that stands between the finite and scientific to the infinite and theoretical.

However, it's too shallow and nearsighted to mark off the domain of the spirit as being impenetrable. I'll suppose here that at some point in the future, mankind will learn to develop in Spirit like he is currently developing in more tangible topics. Once a clear, replicable methodology for continual improvement in spirit has been formulated, man can get on track toward developing in Spirit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stock Selling Principles

Stock books tend to focus on what stock to buy, underemphasizing the importance of selling wisely. Here are some tips:

1. Buy Low and Sell High. However, "low" and "high" must be relative to future performance, not past performance.

2. The price and point at which one sells should be independent of the sell price. It should be based on speculation of future performance alone.

3. Here are 3 general approaches to selling points:

  1. Sell when the calculations are the opposite of those you used to determine when and what to buy.
  2. Sell at a specified time after you buy.
  3. Sell at a specified change from the buy point, either up or down.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Vertical Genius: Culture & Language.

Vertical Genius is the acceleration of idea development through education. Without education, everybody develops ideas in parallel. However, education lets us begin idea generation from where others have left off, enabling us to "stack" our intellect upon others. Hence, it ascends vertically.

The principal that education and focus on vertical genius applies not only to hard sciences and technology, but also to the development of good culture. By "good culture" I mean social awareness, good social habits and practices, as well as the everyday habits of the individual. Uneducated cultures are liable to have more violence, inefficiency and health problems. They are liable to have relatively unrefined manners, and contribution to humanities.

Language can have a strong impact on vertical genius. A common language is the vehicle of communication, and communication is the instrument of education. The more people one shares a language with, the more people that can contribute to his genius.

The ideas related above mean that localities that speak uncommon languages are likely to have retarded cultures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Work and Help

In an efficient labor market, the amount that one earns correlates with the amount he helps others.

Hence, a government of an efficient labor market should encourage people to earn as much as possible, not only because it increases tax revenues, or makes the economy more stable, but because the more people help each other, the greater the quality of life.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Living With Enemies.

The following link describes how a growing number of Palestinians are giving up on their dream of having a two state solution.,0,5661634.story

This is good news. There can only be peace when all of the parties involved realize that it is better to live together, despite all of the differences, than apart. Without that realization, there can be no long term peace.

The end of Outsourcing

The current ability to obtain skilled labor for cheap is short lived. This is for the following two reasons:
1. As foreigners become more confident in their ability to service more wealthy countries, they will raise their price to the point where it becomes questionable whether the low price compensates completely for the inconvenience of a gap in geography and language.
2. As the wealth of developing countries increases, local demand for services in those developing countries increases. As that demand increases, so will the prices of the services.

Hence, the current loss of American jobs to out-sourcing is short lived. Let's say that any society needs 3% of it's man hours for Data Entry. At present, those expensive Americans who used to do data entry are in danger of loosing those jobs to Indians, who can do the task almost as well, for a fraction of the price. However, if all of the Indians who are capable of doing data entry are working for Americans, who is supporting the Indian business that need them? The answer is that as the economies became more similar, the demand for services will also become more similar. Then, in the name of simple efficiency, the Indian data entry candidates will work for Indian companies, and the American data entry candidates will have their jobs restored.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vertical Genius & Modern Progress

Why does the world seem to progress at a faster rate that it has in the past?

It's not because people are more intelligent than they were in the past. It's because people are better educated.

The open and rapid communication between people enables people to focus their genius on what has not been discovered, and develop the existing knowledge further.