Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cloud computing Privacy Solution

The problem with google style cloud computing is the lack of privacy.

A solution would involve the separation of the data hosting and ap hosting. 
The ap would be downloaded onto the personal computer, and the data would be accessed using a private key that only the user has. The ap manipulates the data, and is uploaded and encryped so that the data center can't access the data either. 

The problem is that google style content based ads won't be possible, and gmail style indexing won't be available either.

Energy, Water & Transortation Solution

Here is an idea for a combined solution to global warming, fresh water and transportation.

Instread of traveling around the planet, we should travel through it. This would be done in subterranian vacume tubes. 

The tubes must be cooled with sea water in order to prevent the tubes from melting from the subterranian heat. 

The sea water becomes stream, and powers turbines that supplye electricity. The steam is sterile and desalinated.

Random Walk & Business

Here's a speculation: Proponents of the efficient market hypothosis are bright but unsucsessful busimessmen.

They have be bright in order to understand the theory behind it. However, business suceed when there is a discrepancy between the theory and the actual. Business thrives on finding inefficiency, and taking advantage of it.

That's how the financial world makes its money as well. 

Someone who doesn't belive that there is a discrepancy between the theory and the actual must not be able to detect it well, and therefore can't do well in business.