Monday, June 16, 2008

Vertical Genius: Culture & Language.

Vertical Genius is the acceleration of idea development through education. Without education, everybody develops ideas in parallel. However, education lets us begin idea generation from where others have left off, enabling us to "stack" our intellect upon others. Hence, it ascends vertically.

The principal that education and focus on vertical genius applies not only to hard sciences and technology, but also to the development of good culture. By "good culture" I mean social awareness, good social habits and practices, as well as the everyday habits of the individual. Uneducated cultures are liable to have more violence, inefficiency and health problems. They are liable to have relatively unrefined manners, and contribution to humanities.

Language can have a strong impact on vertical genius. A common language is the vehicle of communication, and communication is the instrument of education. The more people one shares a language with, the more people that can contribute to his genius.

The ideas related above mean that localities that speak uncommon languages are likely to have retarded cultures.

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