Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Religious Progress & Development

In recent times, religion has come under fire. The problems are many. Biblical religion has a problem that many of the facts expressed, like Genesis don't match our observations. The problem with philosophy of God is that it's not experimental.

However, Mankind will never abandon it's pursuit of God. By "God" I mean the source of all. Man's natural desire for understanding of his environment naturally leads him to the doorway that stands between the finite and scientific to the infinite and theoretical.

However, it's too shallow and nearsighted to mark off the domain of the spirit as being impenetrable. I'll suppose here that at some point in the future, mankind will learn to develop in Spirit like he is currently developing in more tangible topics. Once a clear, replicable methodology for continual improvement in spirit has been formulated, man can get on track toward developing in Spirit.

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